Project Management
The executive team sets the programs and strategies. I come in to focus on implementation and execution. Everything from 30,000 feet to the basement. I have excellent leadership abilities and a highly versatile interpersonal style.
R&D Program Management


I have a proven track record in resolving business and technical issues to get products out the door on-time and on-budget.  I get to the root cause quickly and can bridge the gap between Marketing and R&D.
Effective Marketing

I am good at developing and implementing effective marketing programs especially when budgets are slim.  I am also skilled at product specification definition and have a lot of experience with webinars and focus groups.

Special Projects
Do you have an issue, problem or project that needs someone to “just get it done”?  Is there a project that has been on the list but no one has the time or focus to complete it?  I can complete those critical projects that aren’t getting the focus they need.